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Commercial litigation is a lawsuit involving some form of business or business-related entity.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons Businesses End Up In Commercial Litigation Situations?

Often, people enter into whatever their business agreement may be only expecting the best possible outcomes. Usually, when the best result isn’t achieved, we end up with a lawsuit. It can be for a misunderstanding or because circumstances simply didn’t work out as expected. Many factors can contribute to a lawsuit, but the misinterpretation or difference of interpretation of agreements is widespread.

Who Do You Generally Represent In Commercial Litigation Cases?

Our firm helps whoever comes to us for assistance. There is no firm split on the defendant or plaintiff.

Is There A Certain Type Of Business Where You See These Types Of Litigation Issues Come Up More Often Than Others?

I do not believe there is a specific kind of business more prone to being litigated than others. Everyone is subject to changing circumstances, unclear agreements, or various other types of misunderstandings that occur in doing business.

Does Your Firm Work With Both Solo, Small, And Large Businesses As Well?

Our firm works with solo, small, and large businesses.

If I Suspect Or Believe That I Might Be Sued, Should I Contact An Attorney Beforehand And What Could That Do For My Case If I Am Proactive?

If you suspect that you will be sued, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible. You want to make sure that you don’t make things worse and if there is a possible alternative to the lawsuit that you have examined that avenue. Additionally, suppose there’s communication that’s going to be between the two parties. In that case, the lawyer can help craft that communication to be beneficial for you later if those communications become part of the lawsuit. In other words, I think it is essential to help shape the narrative as early as possible.

Are There Some Alternatives To Commercial Litigation That Should Be Explored?

There’s always a possibility that the parties can agree to mediation or arbitration. The arbitration will be more like a lawsuit except there, you have a third party make a final decision, and it’s effectively like a private lawsuit where someone acts as judge and jury altogether.

Do I Always Need An Attorney To Represent Me Or My Business In These Cases, Or Should I Ever Try And Go It Alone?

It is always wise to have a lawyer advising you throughout the process.

Is It Best To Have A Lawyer For Our Business On Retainer Or Do We Have In-House Counsel; Is It Okay To Hire An Attorney For One-Off Situations?

One-off situations are fine. Obviously, the more someone’s involved in your operation and knows about what you’re doing and how it works, the more they can be helpful. However, that can also be more expensive. So, to have somebody simply involved in the specific events where you need help is okay.

Would You Say Going To The Same Attorney If You’ve Had Previous Situations That You’ve Dealt With Already, Someone Who’s Familiar With Your Case Is Obviously Going To Be A Better Idea Than Starting Fresh If You Had A Good Experience?

It would always be best to work with an attorney who is previously familiar with your business and your situation.

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Law Offices Of Andrew Lapat

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