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About Law Offices Of Andrew Lapat

Law Offices of Andrew Lapat provides a broad range of legal services that would be used by an individual or small business. This includes: commercial litigation, drafting contracts, licensing agreements, employment agreements and other documents. Generally, our clients are looking for high level personalized service, dealing directly with Attorney Andrew Lapat, while paying a lower billable rate than charged at a larger firm with greater overhead.

Most specifically, Attorney Andrew Lapat provides a range of real estate related services to his clients including purchase and sales, financing and leasing. Most of the purchase and sale transactions that Law Offices of Andrew Lapat has worked on have been in the $5 million range. This work has also included work on the financing involved in the transaction. The leasing work has been for both tenants and landlords in both office and retail.

Attorney Andrew Lapat has worked in a broad spectrum of complex commercial litigation, much of it has involved real property. Actions have included: title disputes, contests over contractual matters such as purchase and sale agreements and leases.


The Disability Representation
You Need


To guide our disability clients through the entirety of the disability claims process, including any potential hearing with an administrative law judge by providing specific information so our clients can maximize their chances of success with their unique disability claim.


Resolute Representation & Effective Solutions

Out of the many reasons people hire lawyers, the two most significant ones are their knowledge of the law and experience in their area of practice. At the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat, we are pleased to not only provide knowledge and experience, but also effective solutions, personalized services, and exceptional representation. Over the years, we have helped many clients obtain favorable outcomes. We do not simply scratch the surface – we dig deep to find or create viable options and resolutions.

Many business and commercial lawyers and law firms often get caught up in repetitive methods. While some tried and true methods have their place, it may not always be expedient to follow them for every case. Every client and case is unique from the other. Plus, the law is constantly evolving. As business and commercial lawyers and law firms, we must evolve as well. Our team at the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat takes a customized approach. We strive to think outside the box to develop options and solutions that truly fit our clients’ needs and objectives. If you are looking for resolute representation and effective solutions that often require creativity, you are in the right place. Allow our team to assess your case and determine the best course of action.

The Law Offices of Andrew Lapat is located in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Quality Business & Commercial Solutions

Our team at the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat advises and represents clients looking for quality business and commercial solutions. Whether your matter relates to licensing agreements, employment contracts, commercial litigation, real estate issues, or a well-structured contract or agreement, we have the resources and expertise to resolve your circumstance successfully.

To best serve you, we strongly recommend that you contact our firm to set up a consultation. During our consultation, we will go over your case in detail and devise a plan of action to meet your desired goals. Once you have decided to enlist our help, we will devote our time and resources to resolving your legal matter. If any concerns or questions arise, we are readily available to answer them and put your worries at ease. Rest assured that our aim is to make sure that your interests are always at the forefront of our dealings.

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is a vital need for many residents of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the application and filing process can be quite rigorous and daunting. On top of that, the Social Security Administration (SSA) frequently denies benefits, even if the applicant is eligible to receive them. Consequently, the ability to receive disability benefits can be a major challenge. At the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat, our disability lawyer helps clients obtain the disability benefits they deserve by assisting with the entire application process.

The application process for disability benefits is extensive. The Social Security Administration requires substantial proof and documentation of the disability in order to approve benefits. If insufficient information is submitted, the SSA may not find that the disability warrants benefits. Complete and accurate information can greatly improve your chances of getting approved. That is why it is wise to retain the services of high level Social Security Disability lawyer in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. A disability lawyer can ensure that all of the necessary documents and information are submitted and filed in an accurate and timely manner. Read More

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