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You don’t need a lawyer to apply, but there are places where you can go wrong that can hurt you later on. Having a lawyer is beneficial, and the more contact they have with you, the better. A lawyer can help you do things to help steer the process to make sure that the information going into your file is beneficial.

Can I Apply For Social Security Disability While I Am Still Working?

If you are working full-time, you can apply, but they will deny you once they figure out you are working full-time. It doesn’t mean you cannot appeal or that your employment status will not change in the future, but you cannot receive benefits while working full-time.

How Does The Social Security Administration Determine Whether I Am Disabled?

The question to be answered is – Do you have a medical impairment that will prevent you from doing any job at all for at least a year? If the condition does not last for an entire year, you will not be eligible. The durational requirement is also essential to consider.

How Long Can I Receive Social Security Disability?

In theory, they are lifelong, but Social Security will, at times, run disability reviews to look to see if they think you’ve had a medical improvement and whether you still need disability. If you want to continue to collect, you continue to generate the kinds of medical records you will need so that if and when they do a continuing disability review, they’ll decide that you are still disabled.

Can I Receive Benefits From SSD Or SSI?

SSI will become difficult because you may exceed the asset or income threshold. Regarding SSDI, there is no issue.

Can I Receive Benefits From Both Unemployment Compensation And SSD Or SSI?

The programs are effectively the opposite of each other. For unemployment insurance, you are telling the government that you are ready, willing, and able to do a job if you could get one. For Social Security, you are saying the opposite. You state that even if you could get a job, you cannot work.

Can I Receive Benefits From Both Long Term Disability Insurance And SSD?

Yes, in my experience, most of the long-term disability insurance policies require that you apply for SSDI.

Could I Receive Benefits From Both Assistance Programs And SSD At The Same Time?

For the other programs like an assistance program, they will not necessarily require it, but they may. If you are covered with SSDI, you don’t have a problem with collecting excess money. Many times, they would prefer to move you off of welfare and onto SSI.

Can I Continue To Receive SSI Or SSDI When I Start Collecting Social Security Retirement Benefits?

No, they effectively merge. You don’t get more money because you are disabled and retired.

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