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Business legal matters are complex and often incredibly high stakes. Whenever a business deal or transaction doesn’t go as planned—and even when it does—there is the potential for disagreement. Even with the best laid plans and the strictest adherence to best practices, these disputes and challenges inevitably arise, and may require you to pursue and enforce the protections offered to you by the law. When they do, it is essential to have a strong legal advocate on your side, who will go to bat for your best interests.

In Haverford, PA, Attorney Andrew Lapat is exactly that sort of legal advocate. With nearly thirty years of experience, Attorney Lapat has the knowledge, acuity, and skill to truly put your best case forward in business litigation matters. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University School of Law, Attorney Lapat’s career began at Berger & Montage, where he specialized in Securities Class Actions Suits. Since he hung the shingle on his own private practice serving the Haverford,  PA community, Attorney Lapat has delved into many diverse sub-fields of complex commercial litigation, often involving real property matters.

As a guiding principle of his practice, Attorney Lapat believes in personalized service. He believes that it is essential to hand-craft a bespoke legal strategy for each of his clients. Rather than relying on rote or standard issue formats, Attorney Lapat puts dedicated time, energy, and creative thinking into each of his cases. When you hire Attorney Andrew Lapat, you get attorney Andrew Lapat. There is no delegation to junior associates or outsourcing to other attorneys.

When It Comes To Commercial Litigation, What Can Attorney Andrew Lapat Help Me With?

Over nearly three decades, Attorney Lapat has practiced in many diverse sub-fields of commercial and business litigation. These include:

  • Real Property Matters: When it comes to real property and real estate law, Attorney Lapat offers a full suite of services to assist you in any and all legal concerns and processes, including but not limited to litigation. He has an array of real estate and real property areas of focus, including:
    1. Title Disputes
    2. Contractual Contests
    3. Purchase and Sale Agreements
    4. Leases (Drafting and Conflict Litigation)
    5. Construction Matters (Including Contracting and Labor Disputes)
    6. Landlord/Tenant Concerns
  • Business Litigation and Complex Commercial Legal Matters: Attorney Labat’s practice is not limited to real estate/real property. He also has ample experience in a wider range of business matters and commercial litigation. His areas of particular focus in business law include:
    1. Intellectual Property (IP) Matters (Including disputes and licensing issues)
    2. Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Disputes
    3. Employment Contracts (and labor-related issues)
    4. Fraud and Misrepresentation/False Representation
    5. Contracts and Agreements (including breach of contract)
    6. Bar Admissions
    7. Finance Law (and related disputes)
    8. Securities
    9. Antitrust Law and Antitrust Actions

If you are looking for high quality legal representation in Haverford, PA, Attorney Lapat and his associates at the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat are ready to help. Call today for a free consultation on your case.

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Law Offices Of Andrew Lapat

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