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What Exactly Is SSI Or Social Security Insurance?

The federal government has created two programs, SSI & SSDI to help people who cannot work. The standard for medical disability is: does the claimant have medical problems that will prevent the claimant from doing any job at all for at least a year. The non-medical eligibility for SSI is based on asset and income levels. The non-medical eligibility for SSDI is based on having done enough work in the recent past.

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance Or SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance is aimed at people who have worked. To qualify, they must determine your medical disability along with your work history and coverage before the injury occurred. Due to the date last insured guidelines, you need to become disabled before the date last insured, determined by the amount of work you have done and when.

Who Is Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Theoretically, anyone, including children, can be eligible for social security disability benefits.

Am I Eligible For SSI Benefits And Social Security Disability Benefits As Well?

The health standard is the same for both programs, but non-health standards vary. You can qualify under both programs. Unfortunately, some individuals are eligible for neither, even though they are most likely disabled because they don’t qualify. This is because they haven’t worked and/or have too much money.

What Physical Disabilities Would Qualify For SSD OR SSI Benefits?

Anything that limits your ability to maintain competitive employment may qualify you. If you need special accommodations at the workplace, then that is not competitive employment. However, if you work in a typical setting and have medical problems getting in your way of doing the job, or showing up for the job they are factors to be considered for disability. The most crucial part is receiving continued and frequent medical treatment, preferably from a specialist, for your problems.

What Mental Disabilities Would Qualify For SSD OR SSI Benefits?

Virtually any psychological impairment can qualify for benefits. It depends on how it impacts the ability to show up for work and complete tasks, but you must be receiving treatment from a specialist for any issues you may be experiencing.

Who Determines Whether I Am Disabled And Should Receive SSDI?

Only the Social Security Administration can make the determination.

Is There An Average Amount That Most People Do Receive In Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Disability Insurance varies depending on how much work you’ve done and when. Each case will vary depending on the specifics of your unique circumstances.

Can My Family Members Get Benefits Under SSDI?

Given specifics of relationships and the kind of payments that would be received are dependent on one another and can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How Are Social Security Disability Benefits Calculated?

Benefits for SSDI are calculated based on the amount of work you’ve done, when and how recently, and how much you earned. In terms of SSI, it is more heavily based on an income and asset determination.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When They Are Applying For SSI Or SSDI?

The most common mistake people make is reliance on old medical treatment. The misconception that previous treatment is valid will not qualify you. Continuous treatment up through the day Social Security makes your decision is necessary, and it needs to be with a specialist.

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