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Outside of the context of renting and leasing, when real estate is changing hands, there’s almost always a buyer and seller involved. This is the case in residential real estate, which many people are much more familiar with—after all, everyone has to live somewhere.

However, it is also the case with commercial real estate, which, though perhaps lesser known than residential real estate, is still very important to businesses, land/property owners, and investors.

Buying and selling commercial properties comes with many additional complications that are not normally found in residential real estate purchases and sales. Contracts for commercial property acquisition have to be written with many additional provisions, as commercial tenants and property buyers do not have the same legal protections as residential tenants and buyers.

Even in the best of circumstances, if you are buying or selling a commercial property in Haverford, PA, it is essential to have an extremely knowledgeable attorney with area-specific experience on your side. Only that sort of attorney will be able to sufficiently understand the entire scope of due diligence and contract provisions necessary when acquiring or selling a commercial property. If there are any conflicts, issues, or roadblocks when it comes to a commercial property deal (on the side of the buyer or the seller, or even both), this type of locally informed commercial real estate attorney will be even more essential, as you will need them to actively advocate on your behalf to resolve the conflict.

In Haverford, PA, the man to call for your commercial property purchase and sale needs is Attorney Andrew Lapat and his associates at the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat.

With nearly three decades of commercial real estate experience, Attorney Lapat has an in-depth knowledge of Haverford, PA property laws, as well as real estate, commercial, and zoning laws. The Law Offices of Andrew Lapat have represented both buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions, invaluable experience which helps inform every case Attorney Lapat is involved with to this day. He and his team at the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat understand the importance of determining your goal first, and then using creative problem-solving to find the best and most efficient method to reach that goal.

Attorney Lapat has been involved in the purchase and sale of a number of different types of commercial properties, including multi-use properties, warehouses, and strip malls. He offers a full suite of legal services for both buyers and sellers of commercial property, which include but are not limited to:

  • Contract Drafting and Contract Review
  • Amendment Drafting and Amendment Review
  • Title Searches and Related Title Issues
  • Reviewing and Handling Liens
  • Property Transfers
  • Review of Due Diligence and Legal Requirements
  • Disclosures and Related Matters
  • Loans, Mortgages, and Real Estate Financing
  • Pricing Research and Negotiation

Buying or selling a commercial property is a major move with very high stakes. It is worth it to get it done right the first time, so that you aren’t left with potentially irreversible mistakes and regrets.

If you are thinking about or actively in the process of buying or selling a commercial property in Haverford, PA, Attorney Andrew Lapat and the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat are ready to help. Call or reach out today for a free consultation on your case.

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