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It is common practice that people get denied during the early part of the process because most successful people are successful in front of an administrative law judge, and you need to appeal to get there. Generally, if you get denied, it means that you don’t have enough current medical evidence.

What Can I Do If My Social Security Disability Claim Was Denied?

You can appeal for which they have an appeals process specifically designed.

What Is The Process For Filing An Appeal?

The best way to file the appeal is to contact us, discuss your situation, and let us handle it. We have overwhelming experience in this area.

If I Used Another Attorney To Apply For Social Security Benefits And Got Denied, Can I Use Your Firm To File My Appeal?

Yes, you can. The sooner we get involved in the process, the better. We find that the more complex cases are when we get involved at the start of the final appeal before you see a judge. It is called a request for a hearing, and what we find is it when people don’t hire us until that point is many things have gone wrong for them, making it more difficult to win when we get in front of the judge. This is why I always encourage our involvement the sooner, the better.

How Long Do You Have To File An Appeal?

The standard amount of time to file an appeal is 60 days.

Is It Better To File An Appeal Versus Just Reapplying?

It depends on whether you have been in front of a judge and when you were in front of the judge. If you haven’t been to see the judge yet, you want to appeal, not reapply, because again, the place where most successful cases are decided is by a judge. If you continue to reapply rather than appealing, you will never pass the preliminary stage and may never even get to the stage of the process involving a judge.

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Additional Information On SSDI And SSI Issues In Pennsylvania

COVID has not eliminated the need for people to go to the doctor. Doctors are doing tele-med visits and figuring out ways to treat their patients. It may stave them off for a few months, but it is not a permanent excuse. Additionally, we must emphasize that if a client follows our advice, we can’t guarantee that they will win, but we can tell you that you will maximize your odds of winning if you do what we tell you.

The clients who follow our advice to the letter often have much more success with their cases than those who do not. Again, we CANNOT GUARANTEE any outcome; we do not make the decision. However, your odds of winning are much higher when you follow our directions.

How Can Someone Help Their Chances Of Getting Their Application Approved?

It is critical to get in front of a judge and help them understand your problems during the application process. Before you see the judge, they are reading about your problems, and the more they know, the better your chances are of not having to get to the judge.

How Important Are Medical Records For An SSI OR SSDI Application?

The records need to be very up to date. This excludes even a year ago because that is not recent enough. You’ve must go to the doctor as much as possible, at least until you see the judge. I will read a line from a denied application, “Thus she has not generally received the type of medical treatment one would expect for a disabled individual.” There is a certain standard that the judge or the Social Security reviewer expects from someone who can’t do any job. If you don’t have that level of treatment, as I quoted, they are not paying you because you are saying you can’t do any job at all and you are seeing the doctor twice a year. That’s why specialists are essential because that’s the type of medical treatment they expect, not just when you go into your primary care doctor who treats primarily cold and flu.

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